She Flourishes

Finally say goodbye to feeling stuck in a rut and hello to totally transforming your life in 90 days. Get ready to finally reach your full potential 

True or false?

You feel stuck and lost, drifting through the days with little direction but you have no idea where to start to change this.

You are disappointed that you are not where you thought you would be by now. People around you are achieving what they want and you feel like you’re just standing still watching them.

You have burning inner ambitions and dreams. You know for certain there is so much more meant for you. You crave fulfilment and success for your life.

You feel scared that time is passing by and one day it will be too late to chase your dreams. You know time is precious and you feel like your wasting it.

You know if you don’t take action you will stay stuck, for you this is not an option. Your tired of keeping your hopes and dreams a quiet secret.

Now is the time to step up and become the best version of you.


Finally feeling crystal clear on what you want and where you want your life to go.

Feeling motivated, inspired and excited about your vision for the future.

Finally releasing any fears that have been holding you back and feeling free to go for what you want!

Feeling confident that you can make your dreams your reality! Having a plan, action steps and a mindset to make it happen.

Feeling in love with your life and the version of yourself that you have now become.

I get it…

All of the above used to be true for me. I knew that my biggest fear was time passing by and looking back with regret. Regret for all the dreams I didn’t make happen, not doing the things I wanted to do. Never achieving what I knew inside I was capable of. 

That’s when I decided to shift how I lived my life. I no longer wanted to live the same year over and over. I started to live my life on purpose. I lived with the intention of turning my dreams into goals and making them happen. It all started with a plan, daily actions and a mindset focused on success.


Now I want to help you create the plan for your next chapter and transform your life in 90 days.

Are you ready to…..









You’re ready to flourish

She flourishes Formula

The truth is you can have the life you want. You can pursue your dreams. It all starts with the decision to commit to change.

Imagine what your life could look like this time next year if you took action everyday and conditioned your mind for success.

I will help you get crystal clear on what you want to achieve in your life. Together we will create your life plan. I will help you identify why you have kept yourself stuck for so long and help you move past and fears and beliefs preventing your progress. I will help you create a mindset of unshakable confidence and success and help you manifest your wildest dreams

If you’re ready to take action I can help you achieve your goals and create greater happiness and success. Finally you will feel fulfilled, proud of your life and who you now are.


Coaching is for you if

You know you are meant for more and you are ready to do the work to make it happen

You are ready to dig deep and remove any blocks in your way

You are committed to our time together

You are ready to invest in yourself to create more happiness, success and fulfilment



Coaching is not for you if

You do not feel ready to invest time and money to change your life

You want someone else to fix things for you

You want change but you are not ready to do the work it requires

Why me?

I have a degree in psychology and business management. I first trained in life coaching with the Beautiful You coaching Academy in 2017. I then went on to study Life and Success coaching with Yes Supply in 2019.  I am a life long learner and love using my vast training to help others improve their lives.

I believe in the power that each of us has to create the life they want. I believe in that for you. I am fully dedicated to my clients and will give you 100% support, motivation and accountability to help you achieve your goals. 

I created She has plans because I know that when we have a vision for the life we want we can start to take simple steps every day to make our dreams come true

She Flourishes

How it works:


Pre-coaching questionnaire

A chance for you to start exploring what you want to get out of coaching and a chance for me to get to know you a little.

Free 30 minute consultation

Before you commit to a coaching series with me I offer a complimentary consultation. Get a taster for what coaching can be like. Lets connect and discover if I am the right coach for you.

One 90 minute goal setting session

Once you have signed up to work with me our first call will be a little longer and it gives us the chance to look at your big dreams, create a life plan for you and design the goals we will work on in your sessions with me.

6 x one hour coaching calls

Our calls will take place fortnightly online via zoom. Each session is tailored specifically to your needs at that time. I will help you dig deep and explore any issues, limiting beliefs and help you create a brand new mindset that will help you manifest the life you want. Each session we will create inspired action steps for you to take towards achieving your goals. I am here to give you the guidance, support and motivation to make the changes required.

bonus resources

I have some extra resources for you to help you plan, stay organised and create a mindset of happiness and success
If you are ready to change your life then take the first step and book a complimentary call with me to discover how we can work together.

Happy Clients

"You have really changed my life for the better, the blocks I have faced throughout my life are finally diminishing and I know I have started on the path to really harness my personal strengths and push past the things that have always held me back. So thank you for that" Louise Worrall

Happy Clients

"I feel like a light has been turned on inside and there is no doubt that my coaching sessions with Louise has helped make this happen" IM

Happy Clients

" I started the first session unsure but by the end, I had much more clarity. The coaching from Louise and the mindset shifts I’ve had mean I can apply a different approach to things. I’m calm, more confident in myself and happy! " Claire @ willowtreecorner

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