She Blooms

Goal setting and clarity session

Imagine the Change and progress you could make in  90 days from now if you had a clear plan, success mindset and 1:1 accountability!

Sound familiar? 

* you spend everyday feeling overwhelmed by your to do list. You seem to be non-stop yet the list never gets smaller and you feel like your going nowhere.

* you follow all the go to leaders and read all the books but you simply do not have the time to implement all their teachings.

* you crave consistency and progress but life is constantly getting in the way and you just can’t find the time you want to dedicate to your dreams and goals.

* you set goals, try to plan but for some reason things just never come together. You’re starting to feel like giving up.

* everyone else seems to make progress, money and achieve success and you want to know their secret. You wonder how they manage it all?!

* you wanted a life of freedom and time with your family but actually you feel more stuck, lost and alone than ever before.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

 She Blooms Formula

Forget overwhelm and overworked. It’s getting you nowhere. Its time to get a strategy for progress and success that works for you.  

My personal motto has always been that with a little bit of planning and the right way of thinking we can all make amazing changes in their lives. I used this on my business when I was getting nowhere and realised the secret to creating consistency and success (while balancing the rest of my life) was to keep it simple but significant

My She Blooms Formula is simple but will help you make massive progress and create a plan that works for you.

What’s the formula? 

* Crystal clear goal and vision for the future

* Bespoke action plan designed together

* A mindset conditioned for success!

Plus the most important part

* Accountability ( this will seriously keep you on track!) 

How it works 

She Blooms is an intensive 2 hour coaching session followed by accountably check-in sessions at 30, 60 and 90 days.


By the end of the 2 hour session you will have:

* your 90 day goal. 

* an action plan that maps out the milestones and steps required to achieve your goal. 

* a strategy and plan that works around your life and priorities so you feel in control and focused.

* explored at any limiting beliefs that may have been getting in your way and replaced these with a mindset for confidence and success.

* created a daily success routine that will keep you motivated, inspired and taking action everyday.


She Blooms

How it works:


Pre-coaching questionnaire

A chance for you to start exploring what you want to get out of your session and a chance for me to get to know you a little.

2 hour goal setting session

In this session we will explore where you are currently and get clear on where you want to be. We will look at what’s working in your and what’s not. You will get crystal clear on your 90 day goal. Together we will map out your action plan to achieve your goal. 

Your mindset is key so we will look at any fears or limiting beliefs holding you back and replace these with a success mindset. We will work at the identity level to help you step into the version of you that you’re ready to become.

3 x 20 minute accountability calls

We will meet again at 30, 60 and 90 days. This will help keep you on track and ensure you make progress. This will also give you the opportunity to ask questions and seek guidance as you continue to grow and progress. Accountability is crucial to keeping you on track and helps ensure you take action.

bonus resources

I have some extra resources for you to help you plan, stay organised and create a mindset of happiness and success

If you are ready to leave overwhelm and overwoked behind and say hello to consistent progress and success, book your session with me below.

Happy Clients

"You have really changed my life for the better, the blocks I have faced throughout my life are finally diminishing and I know I have started on the path to really harness my personal strengths and push past the things that have always held me back. So thank you for that" Louise Worrall

Happy Clients

"I feel like a light has been turned on inside and there is no doubt that my coaching sessions with Louise has helped make this happen" IM

Happy Clients

" I started the first session unsure but by the end, I had much more clarity. The coaching from Louise and the mindset shifts I’ve had mean I can apply a different approach to things. I’m calm, more confident in myself and happy! " Claire @ willowtreecorner

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