Are you ready to do what you love, in a way that you love?


Body. Business.

For the ambitious, introvert, female entrepreneur who is ready to go from struggling behind the scenes to the empowered boss she is meant to be. 

No more feeling stuck, scared, frustrated and overwhelmed. Stop the self-sabotaging behaviours and thoughts and release what is holding you back at the subconscious level. Step into confidence, inspired action and create the success, impact and income you know you are truly ready for. The only limits are those we put on ourselves. It’s your time to become limitless.

empower your mindset & energy to elevate your impact and income


You …

You are meant for so much more

There is an inner niggle screaming at you telling you that you can be, do and have so much more. Settling is just not an option.

You feel frustrated

You know that you are not living your highest potential or creating the success you dream of. It seems so easy for others.

You are overwhelmed

You are doing all the things, taking the courses, setting goals but there is never enough time in the day and you feel you are stuck on a hamster wheel going nowhere.

You have tried the inner work yourself

You know your mindset is crucial in achieving success but the basic advice out there hasn’t created the shifts you need. You are ready to go deeper to create rapid transformations that last.

You want to break bad habits and old patterns

You know you are holding yourself back, playing small and self-sabotaging. This stops here and you are ready to create routines and habits that create success with ease.

Your business is your soul calling but it is draining you

You know you are here to create amazing impact but right now you feel drained and confused. The entrepreneurial roller coaster has you in a spin and you desire clarity and the confidence to take action in a way that feels good to you.

Release any blocks and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from living your true potential. Your subconscious mind is a powerful tool that runs 95% of the show. Start using it to work for you, not against you. This is so much deeper than the basic mindset advice out there.

Aligning both your mindset and energy is an amazing way to attract and achieve what you want fast. Working with your energy is especially crucial as an introvert, empath or HSP. Clear blocks stemming from negative emotions, balance energy and create a higher vibration.

Success requires clarity and consistent action in your business. Combine your empowered mindset and energy with an action plan and powerful goals and watch your impact and income grow. No more struggle or overwhelm. It’s time to show up and shine in a way that feels good to you.


Align your mindset, energy and action with the results you want.


Imagine having complete freedom in your day, doing what you love in a way that feels good to you.


Booking ideal clients or working with perfect customers and creating the impact you came here for.


Understanding how to use your mind and energy to attract what you want and become the best version of yourself.


Making the income you once dreamed of. No more limiting money stories here.


Living your vision board in real life. Feeling confident, happy, successful and fulfilled.

This is for you if

You are an ambitious, driven, introvert, HSP or empath struggling behind the scenes to build the impact and income in your business you soul is craving.

You have a vision of what your life and business could be if you could just get out your own way and stop hiding behind your fears. You know you are made for so much more. Make your ambition your mission. 

Your day to day life feels more soul-sucking than soul inspired and you are done with feeling this way. You refuse to settle.

No matter how many courses you take, affirmations you repeat or mentors you follow, you just can’t seem to get the results that others do. You are ready to go deep and finally discover what’s keeping you stuck.

You know you have something amazing up your sleeve that you need to share with the world but you can’t make the impact you dream of because you lack the confidence and clarity to get out there and show up.

Regret is your biggest fear. You refuse to get to the point where it is too late to create the life you want. Now is the time for you to ditch hiding in the shadows and become who you are meant to be and do what you are meant to do.

People might think of you as shy or quiet but you know better. You are bold, brave and a big dreamer. You know deep inside that if you could embody your highest potential you could be limitless!


Get ready to


Discover your subconscious blindspots

You have tried the inner work, read the books, taken the courses but nothing is changing. I can help you discover the root cause of what is keeping you stuck. 


Build your personal mission plan

You have an inner vision for your life and business. Now is the time to turn that into a plan that you will make happen in the next 90 days. 


Rediscover your identity

Do you remember who you were before? That version of you that felt free, ambitious and determined. Before the hurt, negative comments and limiting beliefs took over. She is back.


Take inspired action

Change has to occur inside and out. Take action from a place of clarity and confidence like never before. No more yo yo action. You are a consistency queen.


Fulfil your true potential

The past no longer controls you. You release the limits you have placed on yourself for years and finally step into the version of you that embodies her highest potential.


Feel limitless

You show up and shine in your life and business. Finally your inner daydreams and hidden ambition have become your every day reality. 

After working with me you will


Show up fully in your Soul inspired business

You know you are capable of creating impact and helping others in a big way and together we will help you create the unstoppable confidence and inner belief to show up and take action consistently. Finally the impact and income you deserve.


Create your soul-led lifestyle

Learn to step into your true identity and potential. Create habits and routines that cultivate the life you desire. It’s time to shine being YOU!

Why me

As a fellow introvert INFJ-T, empath and big dreamer, I created She Has Plans because I know that when we have a vision for the life we want we can start to take simple steps every day to make our dreams come true.

I believe in the power that each of us has to create the life they want. I believe in that for you. I am fully dedicated to my clients and will give you 100% support, motivation and accountability to help you achieve your goals.

I am a certified practitioner in NLP, EFT, clinical hypnosis and T.I.M.E techniques. I am a lifelong learner and love using my training to help others improve their lives.

I have a degree in psychology and business management. I am a certified Life and Success Coach. I first trained in life coaching with the Beautiful You coaching Academy in 2017. I then went on to study Life and Success coaching with Yes Supply in 2019. My training includes coaching, positive psychology, journal therapy.



Ready to transform your mindset, energy and business?


Mind. Body. Business 1:1 3 month Coaching includes:

1 x 90 Minute powerful goal setting sessions

9 x Mindset, energy and action coaching sessions

Unlimited support in between sessions to constantly keep you in alignment and action. This is so powerful. Do not underestimate the transformations that can occur when there is someone in your corner to help you continue to shift and grow throughout. 

Sessions are bespoke to each client and tailored to your needs that day.

Your sessions will include powerful subconscious and energy techniques such as NLP, EFT. TIME and clinical hypnotherapy.

Your investment for three months 1:1 private coaching is £1111

If you are ready to say yes to working with me then click the below button to apply now. You will then be sent a questionnaire to complete and we will have a 30 minute free chat to ensure we are a good fit before committing to working together. So excited that you are taking this transformational journey for yourself and your business.

What My Clients Say

“I was given the chance to work with Louise and I am SO glad I did! I felt like I had found a long lost friend in her, even though she lives halfway around the world! She helped me unravel a problem I had for months in a matter of one meeting and I am endlessly grateful. Thank you again Louise!”  ~ Brin

“You have really changed my life for the better, the blocks I have faced throughout my life are finally diminishing and I know I have started on the path to really harness my personal strengths and push past the things that have always held me back. So thank you for that” ~ Louise Worrall

” I started the first session unsure but by the end, I had much more clarity. The coaching from Louise and the mindset shifts I’ve had mean I can apply a different approach to things. I’m calm, more confident in myself and happy! ” ~ Claire 

” You have allowed me to feel happy and confident and most importantly LOVE MYSELF! It’s time to start a new chapter in my life and I know it would not have been possible without you”

“I feel like a light has been turned on inside and there is no doubt that my coaching sessions with Louise has helped make this happen” 💕