I have noticed that there is one thing different between people who go after their dreams and those that don’t. That is confidence. Have you ever had a goal or dream that you didn’t go after because you didn’t believe it was possible for you? Your lack of self-confidence and belief was holding you back. Playing small and staying safe is the easy option. But when we have the confidence to go for what we really desire, life completely changes!   Confidence gives people the ability to chase after what they want. They don’t stay stuck because they believe in themselves and their ability to strive for more. Our self-confidence is something that can change over time. It can be strengthened by positive events and achievements. It can be weakened by negative outcomes or behaviour/ words of others. However, self-confidence is really our own perception of how skilled, competent or attractive we view ourselves in varying situations. We can decide to increase our confidence levels intentionally. When we do this it has amazing results that can filter down through different areas of our lives. We start to change how we think, act and behave.   

To increase your confidence levels you can:

1Set the intention. Decide that from now on, you are going to be a more confident person. Tell yourself this is your new identity.  Repeat to yourself ‘I am a confident person’ over and over. Whatever comes after the words ‘I am’ is so important because we believe what we say about ourselves.

2- Be yourself. Being more confident does not mean you need to be someone else. Don’t pretend to be that really confident girl you have seen at the gym… chances are when we pretend to be someone else we actually feel less confident in ourselves. We want to raise our own confidence, so stay true to yourself. But this doesn’t mean we can’t seek inspiration in others but don’t try to be someone your not. There is something to be said for ‘fake it til you make it’ but I think when it comes to our own self-confidence it’s great to grow it for real.  

3 – Feel it now. Can you remember a time when you felt super confident? Think back to this time. Close your eyes and see what you saw, feel what you felt. What where are you doing? Who were you with? Get this picture really clear in your mind. Bring that feeling of confidence into the present moment, feel it now. Do this little visualisation exercise each day and feel how it feels to be the confident version of yourself.    

4 – Take real action. If there is something that you have been putting off doing due to a lack of confidence then decide to take the first step now. You will never progress if you don’t take action. Even just taking the first step could make you feel totally different about the situation. Can you think of a time when you were nervous to do something but then once you did it you felt great and so excited that you had? Don’t let fear or lack of self-belief keep you from taking action.  If there is knowledge or skills you think you lack, go out there and learn what you need to learn!   

5 – Delete your excuses. Often when we lack the confidence to do something we have a list of reasons why we can’t do something. These are simply excuses because we don’t want to leave our comfort zone. If you lack confidence with something take some time to write down the reasons why you are not confident. Realise these are the excuses and reasons that are stopping you from doing something or feeling a certain way. I want you to put a line through each excuse and write next to it ‘ deleted’. You are a confident person who does not let anything hold you back.   

Don’t let a lack of confidence keep you from going after what you want.

Don’t just read this post, take action and implement the steps above! Say hello to a more confident you!